SWING tells the story of an unlikely friendship borne of mutual isolation.  Sarah rallies against her family and seeks  independence through a part-time job helping a blind war veteran. Initially cagey and defensive, the pair find they have more in common than they expect.  

AWARDS  Best Short Film, Adelaide Film Festival (Audience Vote) 2007  /  Best Short Film, St Kilda Film Festival 2007  /  Best Short Film (Nominee) AFI Awards 2007.



LIGHTNESS is a poetic rendering of a classic European myth.  The story follows an ageing glassblower disenfranchised by the very workplace he has dedicated his life to. Exhausted by a world that seems to be getting by fine without him, he withdraws to a private studio at night to rekindle an age-old passion.  

AWARDS   Best Director, Australian Director's Guild & Australian Film TV and Radio School (Graduate Award), 2002. / Best Screen Direction, Screen Sound Australia & Australian Film TV and Radio School (Graduate Award), 2002.  /  Golden Tripod, Best Cinematography, Australian Cinematographer's Society 2002  /  Best Screenplay, St Kilda Film Festival 2003.



METHOD SCHOOL  was an exercise in relationship.  The film was cast without a script. Then over of few weeks, we improvised a series of situations that had nothing to do with character or story. Rather, the focus was on being present and immediate with the person you were working with.  

A script was written based on relationships that formed between people and without any rehearsal, we shot it. In the film, there is one professional actor, one acting coach, one non-actor and a bunch of acting students, all of whom, co-authored the film. The fun can be trying to determine which is which. Method School arrived in 2005, as a dark comedy about 'acting' and where what's real is up for grabs.