As a commercial director and screenwriter I've been extremely fortunate to work with NGO's, government agents and private companies to realise a range of projects.  Some began with nothing but an idea, while others were scripted before they landed on my desk.  In each case, collaboration with the client was key to their success. Below are some of the favourites.

As the NDIS was launching in South Australia, the state government wanted to create an awareness campaign to let people know the service was up and running.  This 30sec Television Commercial (TVC) features a teenage girl with autism who articulates in her own words the value of the NDIS for her.  Client:  SA Department for Communities and Social inclusion (DCSI)  /  Role:  Writer, Director, Editor.


The other side to the NDIS are its opportunities for employment.  To tell the story I worked with a caseworker who had recently made the transition from manufacturing. Following interviews I scripted a 30 sec snapshot of what the NDIS meant for Alex. Then we spent a day and half following him around to catch the action.  Client:  SA Department for Communities and Social inclusion (DCSI)  /  Role:  Writer, Director, Editor.


The SA Office for Volunteers wanted to create a call to action to boost the number of people helping out in the SA community.  This TVC features a mixed cast of professional and largely non-trained actors. It was originally commissioned as 2 x 30sec TVCs, but also went to broadcast and cinema as a full 60sec spot once the client saw the results. Client:  Office for Volunteers, SA Govt.  /  Role: Director.


Established by Zahra Abrahimzadeh's three surviving children. the Zahra foundation is an compassionate and active advocate for women's rights and gender equality.  I was approached to conceive a TVC campaign to support the launch of the foundation in 2016.  Three commercials were created on a minimal budget, with each of Zahra's children voicing them.  This one is voiced by Anita, who was 12 years old when her mother was murdered.  Client:  Zahra Foundation.  Role:  Writer, Director, Editor.


SA Tourism commissioned a suite of twelve intrastate television commerials to promote the benefits of exploring your backyard for SA residents.  No scripts were supplied and each TVC began with an interviewees with resident personalities about their personal connection to various regions.  Client:  SA Tourism.  Role: Writer, Director.


Local SA company Banana Blue wanted to market the benefits of online shopping in SA's local supermarkets.  Client:  Banana Blue  Role: Director.


The No Violence Coalition approached me with an idea to create a short series of stories that spoke honestly about family violence.  Family Secrets became a series of four stories of actual violence, voiced by actors. One of the four was a personal story and all became part of viral campaign in 2015.  Client:  No Violence Coalition.  Credits: Writer, Director, Editor.


As above. Another true story.  Client:  No Violence Coalition.  Credits: Writer, Director, Editor.


Having survived the worst drought in SA's recent history the state government wanted to thank residents for adhering to tough water restrictions.  This campaign was launched before the drought officially ended and served as a reminder of the power of a community in working toward a common goal. The brief was to feature taps being turned off as a reminder that SA wasn't off the hook. The challenge was finding an elegant way to execute it for cinema and television broadcast. Client:  SA Water.  Role:  Writer, Director.


An Independent SA liquor outlet wanted to establish a point of different against some larger companies dominating the sector. They decided on a series of three television commercials that focus on their accessibility after hours, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Client: Sip n Save. Agency: kwp!  Role:  Director


The local Advertiser were looking for a fun way to communicate they were upping the ante with their traditional classified real estate section. Story and the competitive nature of the house-hunting became the spirit of this 30sec television commercial.  Client:  The Advertiser.  Agency: kwp!  Role:  Director