(Photograph; silver gelatin negative, pigment ink on cotton paper, 2015. 88cm H x 105cm W).

 from the series - Bone

BONE is a collection of photographs made over a year in one location. As a project, the process has been a mediation with Place and an attempt to capture geophysiological narratives inherent in the landscape that map notions of evolution and entanglement. It marks the beginning of long term project dedicated to slowing the act of photography that engender acts of co-authorship with the landscape. Using a combination of analogue and digital techniques, meditation, and walking as preparatory tool, the practice of making the work is not so much about 'freezing a moment', more so the goal is to acknowledge acts of presence and express the symbiotic relationship between the human, non-human, inanimate and unseen. BONE was exhibited at the praxis ARTSPACE in September of 2015.

See full collection here.