Presented as part of the SALA Festival, The Chapel Hill Gallery in McLaren Vale is showcasing a series of works-in-progress from July 31 – September 18. ANATOMY OF SALT CREEK is a nod toward the Karen's Barad's theory of Agential Realism and her take on the mattering universe. Created as coauthored works of landscape these photographs are building toward a larger collection of work to be exhibited at the end of the year. 

 “ Evolution draws us to the fact that at a primordial level only time and circumstance separate the life of a rock and the life of a human being. Embedded in the stone coastline where these photographs were made are the emergent impressions of human form, and this series is an observation of the symbiotic state of becoming that bind the animate and inanimate, the human and the unseen. The practice of finding them has become a process of slowing the act of photography and collaborating with the Australian landscape on its own terms.“  

Christopher Houghton