The Agential sea, at rest and in motion. 2016.  

There are marks within the land that speak beyond the aesthetics that pictorially re-present the 'landscape'.  Within its formation are stories of exchange, maps of past, presence and future.  By contemporary standards it is factual to observe the land as conscious, and that it thinks, not in the way humans do - but as you burrow down, you see the same atoms coordinating systems of staggering complexity in profound acts of self realisation. It's humbling to say the least, and more so to acknowledge there are synergetic relationships we can't see. My work with photography is a attempt to express the exchange. It is a remembrance of sorts, not in the way photographs collect memories, but as an expression of semiosis within, and of nature.  

For the past four years I have dedicated myself to a one-mile stretch of coast at the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. The patterns of currents, cadences of tidal pools, lilt of dawn winds and the temperate crash of waves that wash against the rocks all collaborate to realise a photograph. Marking time, walking, not walking, seeing, not seeing, be-ing in the world to remember I am of the world, and bearing witness to the exchange - this is what makes the work. The aim is not to re-present the physical envrionment, but render a feeling that embodies the Australian landscape on its own terms.

 'Anatomy of Deep Creek Longitude -035.655200, Latitude unknown' was exhibited in Gallery 2 at the Adelaide Central School of Art in late 20216.  Works from the series recently exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) and the SASA Gallery in Adelaide.